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    “Il Tre Ruote Ebbro” cultural association was established in Locorotondo in 2005 to meet the territory’s need for youth associations, with the will to promote and spread new perspectives, as well as social and cultural processes, thanks to the several skills and competences of the members of the association. Its target is to contribute to the creation of a new cultural, social and environmental sensibility, which bases all its reasoning and actions on the territory.

    Its same name “Il Tre Ruote Ebbro” (“The Drunken Three-Wheeler”) expresses this idea: in fact Locorotondo is famous for its white wine and in its country tracks you can often see three-wheelers, used by local farmers to transport goods and, obviously wine jugs. The word “ebbro” is taken from a poem by Arthur Rimbaud, much loved by the association’s founding members. It is titled “The Drunken Boat,” and it tells the travel of a boat, being a metaphor for the adventures of those who rush into life to explore its mystery and discover the world.

    Since 2005 the actions addressed to the citizens and the territory included research activities, awareness raising projects and information campaigns as well as territory surveys, exhibitions, courses and round tables, along with cultural and community events.

    In fact the association is formed by an heterogeneous group of people, representing different professional figures, all joined by the same mission, which each of us carries out and enriches according to one’s own cultural background, sensibility and competences.

    • via Giannone, 4 - 70010 Locorotondo BA
    • Email: