Historically, the notion of ‘key’ has had many meanings. Already the ancient Romans, beside considering it a tool necessary to protect one’s privacy, considered it a symbol of trust and of sharing one’s traditions. On the occasion of weddings, actually, there was the habit of gifting a key to one’s wife on the wedding day as a mandate for the management of the family’s finances and as a token of esteem and trust (“fides”).

In computer language, a key is a code necessary to decode specific languages. A key element is also something necessary to understand our reality, whether virtual or physical.

In Pearls of Memory, as in the age-old history of humankind, keys also represent both dimensions: on the one hand, they defend the tradition through recovery and research, on the other, they provide access to the history of a people in the perspective of sharing and safeguarding the wisdom, the past, and the culture of the whole of Valle d’Itria.