PEARLS OF MEMORY. FROM OBJECTS TO TRADITION’S GESTURES is an interactive museum, dedicated to the enhancement of ancient crafts and traditional knowledge.

In Sant’Anna di Renna facility, the gestures of local tradition come alive through a skilful use of technology, in an attempt to restore memory and dignity to bygone professions such as shoemaker, trullo-maker, and towing-maker, to mention only some of them.

The museum displays ancient objects, as well as tools belonging to the farming and artisanal tradition, pictures, and audio visuals. None of them is static; on the contrary, objects come alive through advanced techniques with sounds, videos and rooms that unveil themselves when visitors come in. Not only the sight, but also the hearing and smell become protagonists, thanks to a set-up designed to engage and envelop visitors.

Through simple gestures, the pictures come alive thanks to projected videos and stories, in this way visitors become active players in the exhibition space and so they can – completely autonomously – decide which objects they want to know and which professions they choose to explore, thus creating their own research and knowledge paths.


Opening times

Tuesday – Sunday 10.00 a.m. – 1.30 p.m. | 4.30 – 9.00 p.m.



Ticket – 3,00


Reduced-price ticket

Groups: 2,00

min. 10 – max 15

Family: 10,00 €

2 adults + 2 kids under 12


Free entrance

over 65 – under 6

Special openings during festivals




For special entrance

+39 339.1617244

+39 349.6175599