Dallo scapolo di ricordi N.17 di Angelo Giorgio Mutinati


Wedding ceremonies were marked by a procession to the church and one back from the church(on foot; rarely by carriage); on the way to the Church, the bride would be escorted by her father (or whoever stood in for him), followed by the “compari d’anello”, the couple carrying the rings; then came the witnesses; then the closer relatives and, finally the guests: all strictly walking in pairs.

The procession coming back from the Church obviously saw the newly-weds at the head, followed by the “compari d’anello”, and the witnesses; then came the closest relatives and then the guests. After the ceremony, when the bride and groom came out of the Church, coins and sugar-coated almonds were thrown as symbols of prosperity and luck (I don’t remember any rice; perhaps because – like all other foods – it was rationed). Hordes of kids threw themselves between the people’s legs trying to collect as many coins and/or sweets as possible